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Turbo Charge your Career with CliftonStrengths

The Science and Soul of Leadership

This is an executive coaching program for professionals in STEAM and MBA industries.  Extraordinary changes in technology, globalization, and overwhelming digital information flow are shaping the future of work.   Yet most educational programs do not teach students how to communicate performance-based, interpersonal, and executing skills.  The results? Overwhelm, and redundant to-do lists that leave you feeling unfulfilled and unprepared.   The benefits of this program:  If you are in STEAM and MBA fields, communicate how you build trust, engage teams for excellence, and why you are passionate about your role.


Professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Science, and Marketing and Business Administration.  


This live video program will include writing activities, PowerPoint presentations, and Q & A.


  • 2-3 hours a week
  • Mondays 5 – 6:15 pm PST
  • Five Weeks


Your Coach

A Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, Ellie uses technology based on the science and soul of leadership.  CliftonStrengths is validated in over 5 decades of research, in over 50 countries.  Soul?  You will never have to pretend you are anyone else. 

Ellie leverages your natural talents to both optimize your success and your wellbeing.  She began her career as a school psychologist, and talked herself out of her career by focusing too much on students’ strengths.  Feeling burnt-out in a role focusing on what’s broken instead of maximizing on what’s right with students, she pursued a second graduate degree in career education and counseling.  Since then, she has taught Pepperdine University’s Career Techniques and Applications, engaging all students on CliftonStrengths throughout the entire course.  She has also taught Personal Development while coaching both individuals and professionals in STEAM and MBA corporate environments. 

Referred to as the “Kanye West of Resume Writers,” Ellie unleashes strengths in the most overlooked job experiences for successful outcomes. 


In this program, you will learn how to communicate your unique leadership value that is directly tied to success.  There are four distinguishing leadership domains, e.g., Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking.  You will recognize how you contribute to an organization's success within these four domains.  The program has three engaging activity parts:  Name it!  Claim it!  and Aim it!

Aim it: Recognize your unique leadership style in these four domains.

Claim it!: How do your CliftonStrengths talents increase success, build relationships, and get things done?

Name it!:  Practice your unique "power-and-edge" phrases that strategically communicate how you drive success, improve performance, and build the trust of those you work with.

As important as it is to recognize how you thrive and excel, you must also recognize you are NOT and what "drains your batteries."  This is the last part of a course, how to manage weaknesses.  Studies by Gallup show that people who focus on using their strengths are three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life.  They are six times more engaged in their jobs.  And when used every day, experience a minimum of 8% more productivity.


What Our Clients Say

Ellie’s in-depth knowledge of strength analysis has been eye-opening and life-changing for me. She coached me to better understand my strengths and blindspots and apply this knowledge to maximize my influence, deal with conflicts at workplace and rock the most challenging job interviews. Ellie is gifted in what she does, and her passion for helping and understanding her clients leads to an extraordinary coaching experience. She compassionately accompanies you on your journey of self-discovery. I think anyone who feels lost, undermined, and dissatisfied at workplace can benefit greatly from Ellie’s wisdom and coaching. m.

Sarah Farahmand

Consumer Product Safety Expert, Dermal Toxicologist

Ellie asks insightful questions and she’s a great listener! She understands the challenges that women in STEM face and is committed to empowering these women to utilize their strengths in complex business environments, leading to higher engagement and competitiveness in male-dominated fields.”

Lorraine McCamley

The Introvert Maximizer

Ellie led a StrengthsFinder workshop for 15 members of the Western Alliance Bank Women’s Alliance group. The workshop focused on maximizing our strengths and talents to become a more productive team at work. The training was a mix of presentation, discussion, individual activities and group activities which kept everyone engaged. The training was very insightful and we received great feedback for everyone who attended. Attendees felt they received practical information that they could immediately implement in their daily lives, at work with colleagues and at home with their families. I highly recommend Ellie’s personal/career development workshops.”

Monika Suarez

VP of Western Alliance

Ms. Ellie is a great mentor and taught me how to improve my CV. Also, she spent time giving me advice individually and connected me with appropriate people. She is extremely professional and experienced in her job and does her best to help people.

I had a great experience working with her. I am very impressed with her kindness, dedication, and passion for helping others.

Kash Namirarian

Industrial Engineer

Why Career StoryBook Works

Career Storybook is a community of professional career coaches and counselors working with teams pursuing a common mission. We offer a collection of courses, activities, and success groups to take you from zero to happily employed. Relationship-based learning using reflective activities beats doing it on your own any day.

Career development can be self-directed (‘free’) or with a career coach (‘expensive’). We use an online group-based model that focuses on your needs and goals. Career Coaching is an investment in yourself. Career Storybook makes that investment accessible.

Personalized Learning

Our programs develop you as a person, a professional, or citizen while meeting your individual goals and interests. We offer personally meaningful learning experiences, and what is meaningful is engaging. And what is engaging has a deeper and more long-lasting impact.

Small Group Coaching

All our courses and groups have limited enrollment to ensure you get the attention you need and to foster trusting relationships necessary for you to risk growing. Mutual accountability drives creativity, problem-solving, and productivity. Coaches provide guidance while your group sustains your attitude and altitude.

Blended Delivery

We use the best of both learning mediums: online self-paced programs provide you the flexibility of time and place while saving travel and costs. Face-to-face or video meetings enable complex conversations, rewarding activities, and relationship development.

Interactive Programs

When you apply your new knowledge, skills, and perspective to interactive projects, you deepen your learning, your engagement, and have some good fun too. We use a variety of strategies: Problem-based learning, role plays, case studies, gamification, and fictionalization.

Write Your Story

Start today and recognize your unique potential and how you positively influence the lives of those closest to you.  You owe this to yourself, and the world needs your unique potential. 


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