Remote Job Search Success Group

The future of Work is here - and it's Remote!

Even before the pandemic, remote work has increased dramatically with a 159% increase over the last 12 years (flex jobs). Remote workers report significantly higher levels of satisfaction and productivity. Connect and network with peers who are also interested in working remotely and support one another in your career journey.

To thrive as a remote worker takes different skills and behaviors to develop a successful career.


All professionals who are looking to learn about the world of remote work so they can grow in their career, find new opportunities, and adapt to the current climate.



This is a virtual, real-time success group held weekly by video conference.


  • 1-2 hours/week
  • Thursdays 8-9 pm EST
  • On going - join anytime


Your Coach

Eilis Wasserman is a higher education professional & virtual career coach focused on cultivating confidence and inspiring self-discovery. She is passionate about working with introverts & promoting remote work/flexibility in one’s life. She has an M.S.E. in College Student Personnel from The University of Dayton and a B.A. from Saint Mary’s College in Communication Studies. She currently serves as the Director of Professional Development for the Midwest Association of Colleges & Employers.

Eilis seeks to impact the communities around her through personal and professional development. Eilis is a great lakes girl and proud Michigander having lived in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Eilis is a thoughtful and empathetic introvert advocate. As an introvert career coach, she empowers fellow introverts to shine in their strengths and own their identity. Take it from Eilis’s favorite historical figure and introvert- Abraham Lincoln- “whatever you are, be a good one.”

Program Description

This is an ongoing support group for those seeking remote working careers. Covid-19 is changing the world of work. Remote work is rapidly becoming accepted, allowing employees and independent workers to live in locations of their choosing and affordability.  Many organizations are now telling employees they can work remotely long term, saving on the brick and mortar costs.

Benefits & Outcomes

  1. Understand the evolving landscape & language of the remote work world
  2. Learn about remote job search and interviewing strategies
  3. Evaluate remote skill sets, communication strategies, & virtual tools
  4. Connect, support, and collaborate with fellow remote job seekers


Required Readings:

2020 State of Remote Work: https://lp.buffer.com/state-of-remote-work-2020

Remote Work Dictionary: https://www.workplaceless.com/blog/remote-work-dictionary. More articles to come

Suggested Readings: https://bookauthority.org/books/new-remote-working-books, more to come.

Remote Work Competency Skills Model- & https://www.workplaceless.com/blog/remote-work-competency-model


Why Career StoryBook Works

Career Storybook is a community of professional career coaches and counselors working with teams pursuing a common mission. We offer a collection of courses, activities, and success groups to take you from zero to happily employed. Relationship-based learning using reflective activities beats doing it on your own any day.

Career development can be self-directed (‘free’) or with a career coach (‘expensive’). We use an online group-based model that focuses on your needs and goals. Career Coaching is an investment in yourself. Career Storybook makes that investment accessible.

Personalized Learning

Our programs develop you as a person, a professional, or citizen while meeting your individual goals and interests. We offer personally meaningful learning experiences, and what is meaningful is engaging. And what is engaging has a deeper and more long-lasting impact.

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Career coaching is an investment in yourself. 

By discovering gifts, and deciding where you will apply your gifts, you increase your chances of professional success and life satisfaction.


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