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When you lose a job, the best thing you can do is to get going right away on your job search.  This community is a start.

Join.   Get Grounded.   Network.

The basic value proposition of career coaching is that you will be happier and more successful to the degree that you match who you are (your strengths, values, talents) with what you do.  If you want more than just a job; if you want to take control and direct your career, you need career coaching.


  • We conduct a personal welcome and intake process and work to connect you with others and with programs and coaches who can help you move forward.
  • Access to career and personal development resources and activities
  • Enroll in career development classes and participate in professionally mentored support groups
  • Produce meaningful results in hosted discussions
  • Try out your new ideas, get feedback on your portfolio
  • Find and join peer groups to work with as you travel on your journey
  • The community is guided and monitored by trained and supported group leaders

Because this is a private membership community:

  • You get instructional content unbiased by advertisers.
  • We do not control which content you see.
  • We use a top-tier learning management system (LMS) which is geared to provide you real value, you are not the "product," you are our customer.
  • Discussions are more productive, meaningful, and rewarding.
  • You can develop small groups and have your own meeting space.
  • This is a managed space, you can get real help from real people.

Membership-based so people are who they say they are: this is not a social media group with lurkers and trolls. We have serious work to do, so let's get to it. Please read these terms before registering. If you're not willing to play nice in the sandbox, then go play someplace else

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