Career Storybook – Life Plan




The Problem

Today’s working population is filled with talented individuals who feel trapped in careers that neither inspire them nor connect with their values.  Why?

 As young adults:

  • They didn’t have an opportunity to explore a variety of options
  • They didn’t have the opportunity to connect their strengths and interests to possible careers
  • They were led to decide on one career path and stick with it

The Career Storybook Solution:

Before young adults can understand who they might become, they must first understand who they are.

Career Story Book (CSB) is a year-long journey that helps students identify their individual talents and connect those talents to potential fields and rewarding careers.

 The program is designed to:

  • Guide students from inner discovery to external application as they discover individual strengths and values and use them as a foundation to develop their own career path
  • Encourage students to embrace the freedom of developing their own unique career path.
  • Provide an easy, methodical approach to exploring the wealth of career opportunities that exist today and the diversity within industry sectors.

The Result

Upon completion of the program, students will have a deeper understanding of their individual strengths and interests. They will move forward armed with a short list of career fields and a concrete plan to guide them as they pursue those careers.