Renew. Refresh. Re-Direct. Re-Engage.

At various points in our lives, we reach "inflection points," times when change is either thrust upon us, or consciously chosen.

In this community, you can get re-oriented to a new career path, get prepared and ready to job hunt, and join in discussions and groups to enhance your journey.

This is a managed community with email and video support, open office hours, presentations by, and the support of career coaches.

$39.00 / month with 1 week free trial


Job seekers looking for access to resources and support in discovering and securing their next career.  


Self-study on the Canvas LMS moderated weekly online discussions, and live weekly group video meetings.


  • Treat your career search like a job. Make a plan, stick to it, get support.
  • This is an ongoing support community - join any time!

Your Community Manager

Michael’s background is in business operations, education, technology implementation and support, and business development. For twenty years as a business person in mid-sized technology corporations, his focus was on creating and operating highly effective and efficient organizations serving high-end clients. For fifteen years he has taught from elementary to graduate school, in class and online, and at private, public, and charter schools. He has an M.A. from the Annenberg School at USC in Communications Management and a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara in Speech Communications.

Michael has complimented his working career with a life of public service as the board chair of two non-profits, a school board chair, and a high school district trustee. He volunteers in his local community to support healthy economic growth, talent development, and improved quality of life.


This is an online community for people who are developing their careers and seeking support in their job hunt. The goals of this space are:

  1. Triage.  A place where the unemployed/underemployed can get support after a layoff or displacement.
  2. Support.  A community where members can get centered and feel supported so that they can transition into career development and/or job search activities. Group leaders are around to help you.
  3. Explore. Use our resources to research and explore alternative income and career opportunities.
  4. Show Up. Participants share their stories of who they are and where they’re heading. Posting LinkedIn profiles, resumes, portfolios, and “pitches” for community feedback.
  5. Engage. A place where members can find like-minded folks and form groups to travel on their career journeys.


  • We conduct a personal welcome and intake process and work to connect you with others and with programs and coaches who can help you move forward.
  • Access to career and personal development resources and activities
  • Enroll in career development classes and participate in professionally mentored support groups
  • Produce meaningful results in hosted discussions
  • Try out your new ideas, get feedback on your portfolio
  • Find and join peer groups to work with as you travel on your journey
  • The community is guided and monitored by trained and supported group leaders

Because this is a private membership community:

  • You get instructional content unbiased by advertisers.
  • We do not control which content you see (no more FOMO!)
  • We use a top-tier learning management system (LMS) which is geared to provide you real value, you are not the "product," you are our customer.
  • Discussions are more productive, meaningful, and rewarding.
  • You can develop small groups and have your own meeting space.
  • This is a managed space, you can get real help from real people.

Membership-based so people are who they say they are: this is not a social media group with lurkers and trolls. We have serious work to do, so let's get to it. Please read these terms before registering. If you're not willing to play nice in the sandbox, then go play someplace else

This is a place to get and give constructive support. Please review and abide by the code of conduct and user terms.

Let's Flip the Crisis!

$39.00 / month with 1 week free trial

Why Career StoryBook Works

Career Storybook is a community of professional career coaches and counselors working with teams pursuing a common mission. We offer a collection of courses, activities, and success groups to take you from zero to happily employed. Relationship-based learning using reflective activities beats doing it on your own any day.

Career development can be self-directed (‘free’) or with a career coach (‘expensive’). We use an online group-based model that focuses on your needs and goals. Career Coaching is an investment in yourself. Career Storybook makes that investment accessible.

Personalized Learning

Our programs develop you as a person, a professional, or citizen while meeting your individual goals and interests. We offer personally meaningful learning experiences, and what is meaningful is engaging. And what is engaging has a deeper and more long-lasting impact.

Small Group Coaching

All our courses and groups have limited enrollment to ensure you get the attention you need and to foster trusting relationships necessary for you to risk growing. Mutual accountability drives creativity, problem-solving, and productivity. Coaches provide guidance while your group sustains your attitude and altitude.

Blended Delivery

We use the best of both learning mediums: online self-paced programs provide you the flexibility of time and place while saving travel and costs. Face-to-face or video meetings enable complex conversations, rewarding activities, and relationship development.

Interactive Programs

When you apply your new knowledge, skills, and perspective to interactive projects, you deepen your learning, your engagement, and have some good fun too. We use a variety of strategies: Problem-based learning, role plays, case studies, gamification, and fictionalization.

Write Your Story

he most important thing you can do when you are out of work or facing a career change is to get engaged. 

The CSB Community provides a space where you can figure out and take your next moves, and get support along the way.

$39.00 / month with 1 week free trial

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