A 4 Step Crash Course to Jumpstart your Job Search & Career

Ready? Set? Go!

Finding that next or perfect job and career is a job in itself!  Learn all the steps of the job search including: defining your best skills and your dream job, creating  a career and job search plan, writing a strong resume and cover letter that can get through the online applicant tracking systems, optimizing your LinkedIn profile and using it as a networking tool as well as improving your interview skills, and follow-up after the interview for maximum exposure

Upon Course completion, join one of Kathy's Success groups for Non-Profit Professionals, Sales Professionals, or Women in Leadership.


Mid-career, sales and nonprofit professionals who have recently lost their jobs or want to pivot to something new  


Self-study online plus live weekly group video meetings.


  • 3-4 hours/week
  • TBD depending upon the group's availability
  • Four weeks
  • New cohort each month


Your Coach

Kathy Parks is an accomplished trailblazer with 25 years as a leader in sales, training, planning and employee development. She is an ICF Certified Coach with a Coaching Certificate from the University of Texas, has an Executive MBA from Purdue with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

When I started my leadership journey, I was young and very often the only woman in the room. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I wish I’d had someone to help me navigate the corporate environment to keep me from making the career and leadership mistakes that held me back.  I had to learn the hard way and that has motivated me to help others not make those same mistakes

I  had a big wakeup call when I finally realized that it was only going to be me, responsible for my career and success – if you sit around and wait for someone to notice you, you could be sitting there for a long time!  I have also learned that you can always turn setbacks and disappointments into a renewed energy and path to get you to what you want.

My career has enabled me to travel the globe and work with, hire, train, motivate and develop a very large and diverse group of people. I have been lucky to participate in leading edge training and business experiences.  All that knowledge has enhanced my ability to coach with empathy and insight.  I love to help people see their own potential, help them believe in their dreams and see those dreams fulfilled.

I am a thought provoker, sounding board, challenger, cheerleader and someone who will hold you accountable to reaching your goals.

Program Description

Quickly get up to speed on the 4 major steps of your job search to gain the confidence and tools that will help you get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. Participating in workshops with like-minded people will also support you to move in the direction of the career and job you want and deserve.

An in-depth course outline and exercises will be provided to lead you through each step of the process. You will work on your own throughout the week and then get together with the group and Coach to share, learn, and get the help you might need. This course will provide the job search framework and a support network to help motivate and inspire you to ensure success on your career journey.

This Program will support three audiences, each with different meeting times TBD based on the group's availability:

Sales Professionals

If you have recently lost your job and may not get rehired back or want to re-evaluate your industry or career.  Use your tried and true sales expertise to sell yourself into a new position.

Mid-Career Professionals

For mid-career professionals who have been on the job for a while and have been recently laid off. It’s time to dust off the resume and refresh your interview skills.  Use this as an opportunity to discover if you want to stay in the same job or industry or pivot to something new, something more fulfilling.

Non-Profit Professionals

Professionals in the Nonprofit space who have lost their jobs, are in transition or wish to pivot to a new career or industry.


Week 1 – Find your purpose and your "why," identify the skills that will serve you best, the environment, culture, and companies that you want to work for. Create a career plan that will put you on the path to the career you desire. Create a list of jobs you might want to pursue, companies you want to work for and the skills that will best define your search

Week 2 – Creating a resume & cover letter that best demonstrates your skills, gets you noticed and through the online screening process. Learn how to adapt your resume & cover letter for each position you apply for.

Week 3 – Update your LinkedIn profile and learn how to use this platform as a networking tool.  Learn how to ask for informational interviews and help with your job search

Week 4 – Interview preparation, techniques, follow-up. Learn how to sell yourself in the interview and afterward.  What materials to bring to the interview and to send as a follow-up.

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Why Career StoryBook Works

Career Storybook is a community of professional career coaches and counselors working with teams pursuing a common mission. We offer a collection of courses, activities, and success groups to take you from zero to happily employed. Relationship-based learning using reflective activities beats doing it on your own any day.

Career development can be self-directed (‘free’) or with a career coach (‘expensive’). We use an online group-based model that focuses on your needs and goals. Career Coaching is an investment in yourself. Career Storybook makes that investment accessible.

Personalized Learning

Our programs develop you as a person, a professional, or citizen while meeting your individual goals and interests. We offer personally meaningful learning experiences, and what is meaningful is engaging. And what is engaging has a deeper and more long-lasting impact.

Small Group Coaching

All our courses and groups have limited enrollment to ensure you get the attention you need and to foster trusting relationships necessary for you to risk growing. Mutual accountability drives creativity, problem-solving, and productivity. Coaches provide guidance while your group sustains your attitude and altitude.

Blended Delivery

We use the best of both learning mediums: online self-paced programs provide you the flexibility of time and place while saving travel and costs. Face-to-face or video meetings enable complex conversations, rewarding activities, and relationship development.

Interactive Programs

When you apply your new knowledge, skills, and perspective to interactive projects, you deepen your learning, your engagement, and have some good fun too. We use a variety of strategies: Problem-based learning, role plays, case studies, gamification, and fictionalization.

Write Your Story

Career coaching is an investment in yourself. 

By discovering gifts, and deciding where you will apply your gifts, you increase your chances of professional success and life satisfaction.


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