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  • A 4 Step Crash Course to Jumpstart your Job Search & Career


    For those of you who have recently lost your job, or want to pivot to a new career during these difficult times, there is a way forward. This 4-week crash course covers all aspects of the job search and maximizes your chances of getting that new job or career.

    After 25 years as a Global Sales Leader for one of the top 10 most admired companies in the world, Kathy started her Coaching business to help professionals in different stages of their career, create a plan, and a path forward to the job that they had not thought possible.

  • Interviewing with Confidence in the Age of Covid-19


    Interviewing with Confidence in the Age of Covid-19 is a four-week course on how to mentally and physically prepare for interviews. The program includes Includes techniques for calming pre-interview nerves, preparing for behavioral and traditional interview questions, what to wear and what to say, techniques for follow-ups, and more.

    Adina Zinn's career coaching practice evolved out of her 10 years as a Recruiter in the San Francisco Bay Area where she successfully matched candidates for jobs at all levels of responsibilities, from delivery driver to CEO. She has worked with employers in multiple industries, and, in some cases, staffed entire companies.

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