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We offer five different types of programs. Some are time-bounded courses that have start and end dates with a one-time fee, and others on ongoing groups or communities with recurring subscriptions

Career Development Programs. These live group Workshops help your prospects develop or re-tool for a job hunt: typical subjects include resume development, goal setting interview preparation, etc. You can provide your curriculum or use our Write Your Own Story (WYOS) curriculum to leverage and supplement your curriculum and material relevant to your client niche. These are offered as a time-bounded course: you set the schedule with a start and end date.

 If you would like access to the WYOS curriculum, register here and explore these programs. https://pages.careerstorybook.com/new-career

Career Mastermind Groups. These groups are for people who are actively job hunting.  There is little curriculum, and it is run much like a sales meeting: each participant reports their prior week’s activities, asks for help from the group, and sets goals for the next week.  These programs are typically monthly subscriptions.

Professional Development Groups.  These are ongoing monthly subscriptions for members of specific niches.  The purpose of these live groups is 1) to provide ongoing professional development for your community and 2) develop a peer network that can support the group and when members are in transition. We design and offer general professional development programs and work with you to provide professional development programs relevant to your group’s niche.

On-Demand Programs.  The programs are self-paced (DIY) programs that participants complete at their own pace.  The program can be stand-alone or include a discussion forum or office hours, which you would moderate. We recommend providing support for the participants to improve the learner’s outcomes and as an up-selling opportunity for you as you develop relationships with the students

Interactive Career or Professional Development Programs. These are our “flagship” programs. The program includes an online self-directed curriculum as well as a live group-based interactive curriculum. These programs are delivered by you or other individual or organizational mentors. By using interactive strategies, your participants develop greater mastery of the material while enjoying a positive learning experience.

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