Nonprofit Professionals

Job Search Mastermind Group

Live Tuesdays 8-9am PST
Get weekly live guidance from a professional coach in a safe, shared online environment.


About the Group

Job hunting in this market can be a difficult challenge.  You will need the help and support of a coach experienced in working with nonprofits as well as your peers actively supporting you to get your next position. We will take a look at the unique aspects of the nonprofit profession and review all aspects of the job search.

Optimize your resume, cover letters & LinkedIn profile and get updated information on how a job search is now conducted. Receive insights, tips and ongoing support to ensure your career success. 

This group is intended for Nonprofit Professionals who have lost their jobs, are in transition or wish to pivot to a new career or industry.

We meet each Tuesday at 8 am PST for one hour. Your time commitment will be approx. 3-4 hours per week.

Group Topics

Group topics can differ from week to week but can include any of the following:

  • Career Planning
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Networking for Career Success
  • Interview Techniques
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Communication Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence

About the Coach

Kathy Parks is an ICF Certified Coach with a Coaching Certificate from the University of Texas at Dallas, has an Executive MBA from Purdue with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

In her business as a Career & Leadership Coach, she works with many in the nonprofit space to help them with the skills & confidence to better plan their career, promotions and pay.

Because life is too short to live with any regrets and transformational change is difficult on your own.

Group Feedback

“Kathy has a knack for asking introspective and thought provoking leadership questions.”

Maria Stanton

“My coaching with Kathy has produced exponential returns.”

Tiana Press

“Kathy’s guidance was a key component in designing specific, intentional activities to broaden my professional experience and network.”

Emery Saris

“Kathy has the ability to ask you that perfect question to unlock something holding you back and allow you to move forward in your process.”

Kaiya Westervelt

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