Becoming a Digital Nomad

Remote Work Mastermind Group

Live Thursdays 6-7 pm CST
Get weekly live guidance from a professional coach in a safe, shared online environment.


About the Group

This group is for professionals that are ready for the 100% remote work lifestyle. I train clients on how to procure work from home careers in their industries that are completely independent of the traditional physical office. Becoming a Digital Nomad in this new Virtual Age is the way of the future and I have been assisting the workforce in finding jobs that offer higher salaries than they were receiving prior to the pandemic. The goal of this group is to teach members on how to accurately and strategically find profitable remote work positions to apply to and give the tips and tricks on how to curate a career path that is entirely online. I have thousands of ideas that I share across all my social media platforms of worthwhile remote jobs that professionals from all individual skill levels can target with their resumes to gain more job opportunities from anywhere in the world.

We will meet on Zoom twice a week to go over the lifestyle of full-time remote workers, new job opportunities that have been posted online that anyone can apply to, how to phase into the work-from-home life, and all the tips & tricks that I use as a Digital Nomad to gain more financial freedom in the Virtual Age. This twice a month meeting will give participants the knowledge on how to set their own schedule at home and the wonders of not having to trade time for money in the workplace any longer as many remote positions are not hourly, but pay by the project or have a set monthly payout that they offer. Throughout this course, I will also share my journey and educate the group on Digital Nomad villages that are popping up all over the world as we are now transitioning together into this new way of life, living, and working solely from our screens.

We meet every other Thursday at 6 PM CST for one hour.

Group Topics

Group topics can differ from week to week but can include any of the following:

  • How to apply to jobs in your industry (email marketing yourself)
  • Using Facebook Entrepreneur Networking groups to find jobs
  • Creating your own career path and journey with remote work
  • Remote work ideas and companies hiring currently

About the Coach

My name is Andrea Logan, and I am a Virtual Career Services Director and remote work specialist. I am the owner of the Career Island and I built my business from the ground up in the middle of the Corona Virus Pandemic to give my community access to the secrets of the modern Hiring Industry.

I used to be a Hiring Manager after I graduated from college and it was my job to assess resumes and potential candidates for a chain of dispensaries and this is where I started realizing that the general public has no idea what to put on their resume.

After studying and working in the Human Resources Industry, I was trained to be a Resume Writer at a Career Services company and even C-Suite Executives have trouble reading, writing, and curating strategic resumes for the jobs that they are trying to procure. I was able to work behind the scenes and piece together that the unemployment rate has nothing to do with the lack of jobs in the market. There are more jobs available than there are humans to fill the positions, the issue is that the resume that people create for themselves disqualifies them from the jobs that are trying to get.

Group Feedback

“I wanted to take a quick minute to say a very big THANK YOU for all of your insight, help, guidance, and support these past few months. I’ve found the…program to be exceptionally valuable and your coaching to be thought-provoking and insightful.”

Linsey W.

“You have a real gift in your ability to listen and understand, and your feedback and coaching has been a game-changer for me.”

Tom M.

“I cannot thank you enough for all the time and dedication you put into coaching me. I have walked away with a lot of valuable lessons that I know will help me in the future.”

Megan M.

“After our sessions last year, I feel like I have ownership over my own career path again and I definitely have you to thank for helping me get there.”

Kelly M.

“Overall, my biggest takeaway from the mentoring was gaining the tools to uncover how my interests, career anchors, etc. can impact [our] work. Again, thank you for following up and thank you for your mentorship and expertise.”

Jason B.

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