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Key Value: Preparation is the key to overcoming interview stress and staying focused on finding your right mutual fit.

The most impactful event in a job interview is the powerful story that convinces the hiring manager that the candidate can really add value to the organization. Take some time to capture and release the stories that convey your capabilities and value.

This micro-class on creating and telling your own powerful stories provides an introduction to telling stories that showcase the value of your own knowledge, experience, and abilities in a professional environment. This class will show you:

  • What makes storytelling powerful
  • Why telling stories about yourself is a service to others
  • Six essential story elements (and a couple of optional ones)
  • How to mine your own experience for great story ideas
  • Additional resources for powerful storytelling


  • To successfully complete this class, you will need to capture and keep track of your insights, record your ideas for storytelling, and write out your stories. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on these ideas after each lesson and share your work in the discussion forum.

For a more comprehensive course in Storytelling, please register for the course “How to Tell Powerful Stories—Yours!” with Mark Crouter.

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