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This program provides background and guidance for creating educational programs and communities for CareerStorybook.com (CSB). CSB is a platform developed and operated by Practical Academics. Our mission is to “educate, empower, and engage people in their personal, professional, and civic lives. “

Most online education programs focus on knowledge transfer and skill-building with a self-paced, on-demand (DIY) delivery model. We offer these types of programs, but our primary strength is live interactive programs and communities using a small group model.  We do this using a mentored small group model using interactive strategies.  The interactivity afforded by small groups allows us to go beyond knowledge and skill-building to develop our participant’s “perspectives.” The Program Mentor (coach, teacher, subject matter expert, etc.) is not a lecturer; the mentor is the program “conductor,” orchestrating the group’s activities and interactions.

As a result, our success measures are not just how well someone memorizes a set of knowledge and accomplishes a task using their new skills. Our measure of success includes personal growth and transformation.  Transformation requires participants to take risks, and to risk requires trust. This requires meeting people where they are: providing participants with various entry points and participation opportunities. We offer DIY programs, including “freemium” programs, where low-trust participants can check us out, see our offerings, discover how we work, and develop relationships with other participants and us. We then offer low-cost peer-based communities based on shared purpose where we train and support the group leaders in group development and operations. We offer live mentored small group courses and workshops where participants can develop relationships with our professional Mentors. Finally, we support ongoing mentored communities where groups develop deep and lasting relationships based on a common purpose.


1.            Understand the background, terminology, and rationale for our program design model and the importance of Interactivity

2.            Understand our different Program Types and when to use each

3.            Understand design concepts and strategies

4.            Understand various forms of internal and external interactive strategies.

5.            Select which program form(s) you will use

6.            Develop your programs


To successfully complete this program, participants will select and develop their program(s) for delivery on the Career Storybook platform.

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