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Key Value: Your network and networking activities will create a visible history that will help you stand out to hiring managers. Your virtual networking activity will present social proof of your commitment to your social impact career.

Working in a social impact career means more than the pursuit of income, it includes the pursuit of social benefits. You want to trust that the people you work with are aligned with your mission and values, and they want to know the same about you. Developing a community of people with shared values helps you stay on top of developments and opportunities in your work.

This micro-class on networking and building professional relationships teaches you how to build and manage professional networks effectively. Building your network is key to expanding your sphere of influence, making yourself known in professional communities, and positioning yourself for new opportunities.


This class will help you:

  • Understand the value of growing professional networks.
  • Assess your current network and how you are perceived.
  • Branding yourself in alignment with your mission.
  • Identify strategies for expanding your network reach.
  • Apply strategies to strengthen your relationships and gain influence.


  • To successfully complete this class, you will need to engage in professional networking on a regular basis. Use an app, notebook, document, or spreadsheet to keep track of your professional contacts. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on these ideas after each lesson and share your work in the discussion forum.

The following materials supplement this course. Feel free to download and use.


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