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Key Value: Assemble and present the evidence of your qualifications to ensure you get the right fit in the best position to achieve your goals.

Your portfolio is more than a resume

Your portfolio is your record of activities and accomplishments that provides the evidence for hiring you. It includes your work history, the significant projects you have participated in, the best examples of your work, and the specific evidence that qualifies you to pursue your mission.

Your portfolio contains the building blocks and supporting materials for your job hunt: Your collection of responsibilities, accomplishments, and samples of your work – both physical (resume) and digital (online profiles). Your portfolio is your ‘database’ from which you craft specific messages like your resume, emails, your digital profiles, and perhaps a personal website.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop and/or update your portfolio repository
  • Review and refine your online presence
  • Develop or refine your LinkedIn profile
  • Get feedback on your materials from your group or network.
  • Create or update a resume template for use as you craft resumes for each position you pursue.


  • To successfully complete this class, you will need to develop your portfolio and create resumes. You will also review and update your social media accounts and posts to optimize your online presence. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on these ideas after each lesson and share your work in the discussion forum.

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