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Radical Self-Compassion

Career Master Class

Mondays 5:00-6:15 am PST
Starts the first Monday of the month for 6 weeks


About the Course

If you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you must have the basic needs met such as food, shelter, safety, security, before you can achieve the higher needs of meaning, purpose and inner potential.

So how do we meet our basic needs, so we can find ourselves more productive? Through radical self-empathy.  Self-empathy is the ability to give yourself compassion and understanding. During this workshop, we will practice a blend of self-empathy techniques, including Marshal Rosenberg’s practice self-empathy, Louise Hayes’ use of positive affirmations, and several mindfulness tools.

This group is intended for mid-to-executive level nonprofit professionals looking for your next great role.

Course Topics

In this course, you will:

  • Identify and feel your feelings, so they no longer overwhelm you.
  • Pinpoint your needs that drive your feelings, so that you have the clarity to move forward.
  • Make a plan of action- whether it be a request of yourself, others, or something you need to do immediately.


Distinguishing thoughts, judgments, and evaluations from observations

Identifying and experiencing feelings in the body

Using feelings as the doorway to understanding and appreciating needs

Using positive affirmations as a tool to provide self-support

Developing a plan of action from your self-empathy practice


Reducing stress

Increase daily experiences of positive feelings such as joy, love, appreciation, empathy, and fulfillment.

Increase productivity due to the clarity achieved from this practice.

Interactive Activities:

Participants will participate in engaging and interactive exercises. Each week, the facilitator will break down a different part of the practice, so by the sixth week, participants can do this practice on their own.

About the Coach

Danielle Menditch Roessle, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP, is the Founder of Inner Compass Coach. Danielle uses a unique blend of career development and psychology to help her clients get unstuck and guide them towards a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

Danielle has been in private practice for over six years and finds satisfaction in helping her clients identify careers that better meet their needs. She also integrates psychology techniques to help clients feel confident in their job interviews and break negative patterns in the workplace so that they can thrive.

Course Feedback

“Danielle’s thoughtful & unique approach really helped me redirect my approach to my career. Prior to working with her, I felt stuck and could not see how my skills could be transferrable in another industry. I now see many possibilities!”

Rachel Sax Ramos

“Working with Danielle on my mid-career transition was transformative. Her approach is a wonderful combination of intuitive and organized, and allowed me to both reflect on my goals as well as to create a concrete plan with regular benchmarks. Her breadth of knowledge about opportunities and career paths helped me identify options for my pivot that built on my skills and experience but also opened up new paths for more fulfilling work. Thank you, Danielle!”

Dan Finkel

“Danielle is great. Her probing questions helped drive the introspection I needed to find a path that will be more fulfilling while staying true to my traits. The ICC process was well thought out and supported nicely by the workbook.”


“Danielle’s approach is unique and engaging. I found the group setting extremely valuable and easy to settle into despite initial nerves. Danielle is thoughtful and attentive to each member’s needs. I really enjoyed working with her!”

Maddie A

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Mondays 5:00-6:15 am PST
Starts the first Monday of the month for 6 weeks

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