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Frequently Asked

What are the benefits of career coaching?
  • With coaching you look at who you are and work to find the career that best fits your strengths, talents, skills and interests.
  • The value of coaching is that you will be more successful and happier since you are doing what comes naturally to you, what you are good at, and what you like to do.
  • Coaching takes you from who you are, to what you want to do, then helps you identify where you want to do it. Coaching helps you focus and with that focus your job hunt and career will be more successful.
What is career coaching? How is it different from career counseling?
  • Counseling is typically offered in school settings, coaching is offered to people in the job market.
  • Counseling generally focuses on defining the right series of classes and activities that will help you get into a good college or to complete your degree efficiently.
  • Coaching works with you as a person, to help you discover you path and your passion.
How does Career Storybook work?
  • We help you write your own career story.
  • Unlike other online education and training programs, Career Storybook is relationship-based.  You develop relationships with your coach and your peers and these relationships help you create and sustain growth.
  • By working with groups, our Career Coaches bring their expertise to folks who otherwise could not afford these services.
  • As your career progresses and you consider career changes, it is a good idea to re-connect with your coach to get guidance and support for your next steps.
  • Our programs are generally offered a month at a time so you and your groups have the option to shift to meet your needs with different programs or coaches.
  • We practice what  we preach: use your strengths and do you best work. Each of our coaches offers their best programs to their best clients.  Check out our mentors and find someone you resonate with!
Why do you use a group model? Why would I need a support group?
  • Job hunting is hard. You put yourself on the line and face regular rejection. Groups provide you emotional and creative support, and help keep you on track and accountable to your goals.
  • They are cost-effective. One-on-one coaching costs from $150 – $300 per hour.
  • You have the opportunity build important relationships and grow your network. find a group where you are a good fit and where your goals will be met.
What are the next steps?

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