Kathy Parks

Kathy Parks

Kathy Parks

Career & Leadership Coach

Designer and Mentor of the ‘4 Step Program to Jumpstart Your Job Search & Career’

For those of you who have recently lost your job, are stuck, not getting promoted or getting the recognition and pay you deserve, there is a way forward.  What is keeping you from realizing the job or career that you have always dreamed of? 

In difficult times, there is always opportunity and I would love to help you find what that means for you.

After 25 years as a Global Sales Leader for one of the top 10 most admired companied in the world, I started my Coaching business helping business people in different stages of their career create a path forward to the career and job that they had not thought possible. 

Academic and Professional Background

Kathy is an ICF Certified Coach with a Coaching Certificate from the University of Texas, has an Executive MBA from Purdue with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She has coached small business owners, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, leaders at all levels of an organization, those trying to get into a leadership role and students just leaving college.  So, a wide range of needs, wants and career aspirations.

Kathy helps her clients with the following:

  • career reinvention - finding your passion
  • career planning, how to get that next best promotion
  • resume, cover letter & LinkedIn updating
  • networking to get yourself to the front of the line in a job search
  • mock interviewing & interview follow-up
  • salary negotiation
  • leadership skills of the future
  • basics of leadership
  • personality styles & how to communicate effectively
  • Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness & being empathetic
  • Building high performing teams, employee engagement & motivation

And much more

Personal Profile

When I started my leadership journey, I was young and very often the only woman in the room. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I wish I’d had someone to help me navigate the corporate environment to keep me from making the career and leadership mistakes that held me back.  I had to learn the hard way – you don’t!

My career has enabled me to travel the globe and work with, hire, train, motivate and develop a very large and diverse group of people. I have been lucky to participate in leading edge training and business experiences.  All that knowledge has enhanced my ability to coach with empathy and insight.  I love to help people see their own potential, help them believe in their dreams and see those dreams fulfilled.

Cultural Perspectives

It’s important to know that you are the only one that is responsible for your career.  And that you can turn your setbacks into renewed energy and a new path to get what you want.

It is also important to understand that training & coaching is essential for success at the next level.  Kathy works with women just starting out their leadership careers, or all the way up the corporate ladder. She is passionate about helping women uncover their self-limiting beliefs, habits and blind spots that can hold them back from the person they could be, in the career they were destined to have. Because transformational change is difficult on your own.

She is a thought provoker, sounding board, challenger and someone who will hold you accountable to reaching your goals.

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