Ellie Tabibian

Ellie Tabibian

Ellie Tabibian

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Ellie’s roles, as Designer and Mentor, will deliver programs on how successful people develop and advance in their careers.

Ellie was awarded the 2016/2017 Woman of the Year Award with the National Association of Professional Women.  Ellie is also certified in MBTI and the Strong Interest Inventory, which helps those pursuing a new or different career path.

She has created high functioning teams in corporate banks and social media companies.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, she was invited to be the Keynote speaker for Women in Medicine Symposium.


The Best of the Best:  How Successful People Conduct Job Search Strategies


“Ellie’s program was life-changing.”

“I wish I had this coaching in high school.”

“The training was very insightful and we received great feedback for everyone who attended. Attendees felt they received practical information that they could immediately implement in their daily lives, at work with colleagues and at home with their families. I highly recommend Ellie’s personal/career development workshops.”


Academic and Professional Background

A Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach, Ellie uses technology based on the science and soul of leadership.  Clifton Strengths is validated in over 5 decades of research, in over 50 countries.  Soul?  You will never have to pretend you are anyone else. 

Ellie leverages your natural talents to both optimize your success and your wellbeing.  She began her career as a school psychologist and talked herself out of her career by focusing too much on students’ strengths.  Feeling burnt-out in a role focusing on what’s broken instead of maximizing on what’s right with students, she pursued a second graduate degree in career education and counseling.  Since then, she has taught Pepperdine University’s Career Techniques and Applications, engaging all students on Clifton Strengths throughout the entire course.  She has also taught Personal Development while coaching both individuals and professionals in corporate environments. 

Referred to as the “Kanye West of Resume Writers,” Ellie unleashes strengths in the most overlooked job experiences for successful outcomes. 

Personal Profile

Ellie arrived in the U.S. as an immigrant in the 1980s and was raised by a non-religious Jewish family.  Her Maximizer and Connectedness themes were activated as a young child:  she had to create THE BEST drawings and paintings, and naturally connected to other children who came from different countries and spoke no English. 

This early experienced shaped her first drive to become a school psychologist.  She set out to uncover the strengths of the most over-looked, bored, gifted, and learning-disabled students to help them succeed.  After 7 years in this role, she became burnt out, irritable, and anxious with no letting up. Her transformation did not occur until she discovered the work of Don Clifton, Strengths Psychologist, who asked, “What would happen if we focus on what’s right with people instead of fixating on their weakness?”  This question has served her clients and students well.  

Ellie’s Top 5 Strengths:  Maximizer, Connectedness, Relator, Intellection, and Achiever. MBTI:  INFJ.

Ellie’s values:  Service, humility, excellence.

Ellie’s hobbies:  Playing drums, painting, and hiking.

Cultural Perspectives

Ellie shares the vision of Don Clifton, the founder of CliftonStrengths.  Her mission is to uplift humanity by 1) recognizing individuals’ hidden, missed indicators (talents) for powerful impact 2) encourage individuals to be who they already are, and not to practice or rehearse being someone else 3) help others find their complimentary, imperfect partners to make the most of their partnerships at work and in life.

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