Eilis Wasserman

Eilis Wasserman

Eilis Wasserman

Founder, Introvert Career Coach

Eilis (A-lish) Wasserman is a designer and mentor within the storybook community. Eilis co-leads "Onward with Insight," a career clarity course for young professionals. She also leads the Remote Work & Young Professional Job Support Groups.  Her coaching and programming are focused on purposeful connections and creative inspiration. She is a relationship builder helping guide students to reflect on who they are and where they want to go to become authors of their own career journey.

Eilis recently worked at Ball State University and The University of Michigan as a Career Coach. She is also a trusted Career Coach on The Muse and currently has her own career coaching business, Introvert Career Coach, LLC.


Academic and Professional Background

Eilis is a higher education professional & virtual career coach focused on cultivating confidence and inspiring self-discovery. She is passionate about working with introverts & promoting remote work/flexibility in one’s life. Eilis recently worked at Ball State University and The University of Michigan as a Career Coach and currently has her own career coaching business, Introvert Career Coach, LLC.

She has a M.S.E. in College Student Personnel from The University of Dayton and B.A. from Saint Mary’s College in Communication Studies.

Personal Profile

Eilis seeks to impact the communities around her through personal and professional development. Eilis is a great lakes girl and proud Michigander having lived in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. She currently serves as the Director of Professional Development for the Midwest Association of Colleges & Employers. Her top strengths are Belief, Connectedness, Empathy, Developer, Relator.

Eilis is a thoughtful and empathetic introvert advocate. As an introvert career coach, she empowers fellow introverts to shine in their strengths and own their identity. Take it from Eilis’s favorite historical figure and introvert- Abraham Lincoln- “whatever you are, be a good one.”

Cultural Perspectives

Your Journey Starts Here.

Eilis loves guiding college students, new grads, and young professionals as they seek to be their authentic selves. It starts with a self-directed mindset, being a life-long learner, and becoming comfortable with uncertainty. Living in possibility and embracing serendipity will allow you to embrace the complexity of the 21st century.

What problems in the world do you want to solve and for whom?

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