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Michael Freedman

Entrepreneurship Coach

A natural teacher, strategic thinker, and operational achiever.

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Professional Background

Michael Freedman is the Founder and CEO or Career Storybook Academy. Before launching CSB, he held positions in Operational Management in Tech businesses and as an educator where he has taught from elementary through high school and college. He has an M.A. from the Annenberg School at USC, and a B.A. in Speech from UC Santa Barbara. He has been a board member and chair of three non-profits.

Michael works with solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, helping guide them to clarify and operationalize their missions. He is passionate about helping clients create viable socially impactful projects and organizations.

He is collaborative, creative, and focused with a positive growth mindset.

Personal Note From Michael

My ethics are to add value and to live a full life. I’ve worked in the public, private, academic, and NGO sectors and now as an entrepreneur. I’m a natural teacher and delight to see lights turn on and ideals materialize.

Client Feedback

“Mr. Freedman’s combination of administration and technology skills comes “packaged” in a wonderfully friendly, witty, sincere, and caring human being. He is sensitive, flexible, and was respected and admired by his peers, subordinates, and superiors.”

Karl Pittman, VP Client Relationship Manager / Banking

“Michael has an excellent work ethic, is highly intelligent and detail oriented He delivers on time and under budget and as a skilled matrix manager does not cause collateral damage while doing so.”

Craig Olsen, SVP Sales and Marketing, Software

“Michael is a proven leader that is firm, fair and encourages teamwork. Mike is outstanding in his ability to establish strong customer “trusted” relationships and prides himself on exceed customer expectations.”

John Palmer, Principal Consultant

“Michael is a true “Renaissance Man” who never stops learning or looking for better answers. He is able to distill vast and varied information into its critical elements and then apply that knowledge to solve new and unique problems.”

Keith Walter, Entrepreneur

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