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Mark Crouter

Career and Leadership Coach

We are all works in progress. Let me help you create the next great version of you!”

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Professional Background

Mark Crouter is leadership and career coach. He provides strengths-based development and performance coaching to employees and teams in support of their professional and career development. He has also developed and led training programs for emerging and experienced leaders and managers. Mark is a Professional Certified Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. He is also a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and holds a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.

Mark coaches people at every career stage from entering the workforce to the cusp of retirement. He especially enjoys working with people with diverse backgrounds to help them understand, represent, and apply the unique talents and strengths they bring to their work. As an experienced manager and leader himself, his passion is helping each individual to create impactful, meaningful careers that will enable them to grow, flourish, and achieve their full potential as professionals and as people.

Mark’s coaching focuses on both outer and inner growth. While outer growth focuses on what you do (your “job”), inner growth focuses on who you are (your whole self). As you take on different roles, you become someone different; as you become someone different, you can do different things. To continually develop and grow throughout our lives is key to success and fulfillment.

Online Groups

Online Courses

Personal Note From Mark

My teaching and coaching draw on a great book called What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles. Here’s what he says:

“The most successful job-hunting begins with your doing research on yourself rather beginning with research on the job market.” He adds that “doing research on yourself first results in successful job-hunting 84% of the time, and the researching the job market results in successful job-hunting at best 28% of the time.” So doing research on yourself first is at least three times more effective.

The courses I teach focus directly on understanding yourself at the level of your top talents and strengths and representing yourself authentically and convincingly to others—recruiters, hiring managers, colleagues, and managers.

I encourage you to check out these offerings, and I look forward to working with you.

Client Feedback

“I wanted to take a quick minute to say a very big THANK YOU for all of your insight, help, guidance, and support these past few months. I’ve found the…program to be exceptionally valuable and your coaching to be thought-provoking and insightful.”

Linsey W.

“You have a real gift in your ability to listen and understand, and your feedback and coaching has been a game-changer for me.”

Tom M.

“I cannot thank you enough for all the time and dedication you put into coaching me. I have walked away with a lot of valuable lessons that I know will help me in the future.”

Megan M.

“After our sessions last year, I feel like I have ownership over my own career path again and I definitely have you to thank for helping me get there.”

Kelly M.

“Overall, my biggest takeaway from the mentoring was gaining the tools to uncover how my interests, career anchors, etc. can impact [our] work. Again, thank you for following up and thank you for your mentorship and expertise.”

Jason B.

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