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Kristina Bennett Cheney

Career Counselor

“I help professionals stuck feeling miserable in jobs that don’t fit them transition into meaningful careers that make them excited to get up in the morning!”

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Professional Background

Kristina Bennett Cheney is a Career Counselor, specializing in helping professionals who feel stuck in jobs that don’t fit them transition to meaningful careers they love! She is an expert in career and life transition, has a master’s degree in psychology, and studied career and self-development for over 20 years.

She has worked as a Career Counselor for more than 15 years with community colleges and businesses in Washington, California, and Oregon. She currently lives in her hometown of Eugene, Oregon and works with clients locally and across the United States.

Kristina asks key questions to unlock clients’ wisdom and brings a wealth of tools and resources to break through blocks and discover new possibilities, including proven assessments, exploration and decision-making exercises, and right-brained creative processes. Interactive workshops she leads include: the MBTI Personality Assessment, Team Building, and Career Exploration and Development.

Personal Note From Kristina

Hi! I am passionate about helping my clients develop careers that use their biggest gifts and bring them joy each day. Life it too short to hate your job and suffer through the work week. It’s hard to change your life and your career on your own.

I believe in your dreams! I support you through expert counseling and coaching, proven tools and resources, and a process of teamwork, cheerleading, and accountability. Don’t waste any more of your precious life and talents – call me today for a complementary consultation.

Client Feedback

“Kristina has helped me on a wide range of issues relating to job searching and to my performance in my current job. She has masterfully supported me with the deeper issues that arise in the workplace, allowing me to shift patterns that no longer served me and were sabotaging my success. She helped me get unstuck and move forward in my career. I’m optimistic about enjoying work more and advancing in my career at my current job and in future roles as well.”

Floyd Smith

Kristina helped me come to conclusions on my journey toward discovery and self-employment in a way that was incredibly subtle and deft. She was able to let me come to the realizations I needed to know without telling or judging me.  Kristina worked with me in a very respectful and interested way. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to make changes in their lives – especially if those ideas are not well formulated yet. Kristina helped guide me in a way that left me feeling very capable and more focused on what I needed to do to reach my goals. The best thing about working with Kristina was her openness and willingness to follow what me, the client wanted, rather than her directing it in biased way. I loved working with her!

Elizabeth Little

“I felt like Kristina fully heard and processed the details of my life circumstance. She responded with solutions and suggestions that were thorough and personalized perfectly to what i had shared. She helped me sift through possibilities and arrive at action steps much more quickly than I would’ve been able to on my own.”

Chandra Bigelow

“Kristina is a skilled career counselor and a great listener. In addition to helping individuals find new careers, she is a great option for people like me who love their current job but are looking for tools to be more effective while maintaining physical and emotional health. I am very grateful for Kristina’s insights and I will be utilizing her services in the future. I highly recommend Kristina!”

Mary Bartlett

“Kristina is amazingly insightful! She is an absolute pleasure to work with and has many wonderful tools to help her clients sort through transitions and life changes. I highly recommend her and will use her services again in the future. Thank you Kristina!!!”

Christina Killip-Breen

“Kristina brings so much to the table when it comes to career counseling. Helped me form a plan of action on how to excel in my current position as well has helped me formulate an action plan for outside of work goals. Kristina is so easy to talk to and work with, I recommend anyone to meet with her, even if you’re not looking for a new job, she has ideas for any of your goals. She can help in so many ways!!!”

Devin Marche-Duncan

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