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Elizabeth Crawford

Career and Personal Development Coach

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Professional Profile

Elizabeth Crawford, affectionately known as, “Coach Liz” is a Certified Career and Personal Development Coach, (certified through The Academy of Creative Coaching). She is also a Certified Global Career Development Facilitator, Adult Educator, Entrepreneur and National and International Best-Selling Author with over 16 years of case management experience. Coach Liz is the CEO and Founder of Wisdom & Insights LLC, a career and personal development coaching practice and consulting firm.

Coach Liz worked in corporate America for a Fortune 500 Healthcare Industry Leader for 2-3 years, before becoming a government contract Caseworker with the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of the Army (DOA). She went on to serve the military community through a variety of duties; including, Family Services Program coordination, Relocation Services, In-Home Daycare Inspections, Victim Advocacy, Sexual Assault, Employment training, she delivered countless speeches, briefings,and bridged the gap between the military and civilian communites. She also served on a rotating on-call schedule for emergency contacts. Coach Liz was also employed with two non-profit agencies primarily purposed to assist in the welfare of women and children.

Coach Liz is a detail oriented, goal achieving, high level functioning career professional with a desire to see the “family unit” survive and thrive during economic challenges. She is passionate about assisting women (who are the backbone of the family) overcome barriers to career and personal success. She does this by helping them combat Imposter Syndrome, Analysis Paralysis, Stress, Burn-Out and Limiting Beliefs. She believes in employing a holistic approach, catering to the mind, body and spirit.

Coach Liz values family time and is a HUGE proponent of self care. She encourages these same practices in her students and clients. Coach Liz always says, “You can’t pour from an empty cup and if you do, who refills you”? Therefore, she insists that a balance or blend must harmoniously exist between our careers/workplace and home. This is accomplished through preparation, planning and positioning yourself to be productive in both areas on PURPOSE.
Coach Liz believes in putting the power in the hands of her clients and students. In coaching, the coach is an advocate. The client sets the tone and the goals and works through the processes, assisted by the coach. This same system is used by Coach Liz with her students in teaching and providing the tools required to meet and often exceed goals set.

Personal Note From Elizabeth

I am committed to helping career women perfect their career brand while simultaneously achieving their goals. We do this by eliminating limiting beliefs and establishing balance.

Client Feedback

“I spoke with Coach Liz prior to having my temporary divorce hearing. I expressed my confusion and anxiety. She worked with me on my short and long term goals. Coach Crawford suggested I write out my feelings. She also gave me tips on writing questions and taking notes when I met with my attorney. After our session, I felt confident, empowered and supported. With the help of Coach Liz, I have a perspective on my next steps! I look forward to working with her more.”

J. Mitchell-Sanders

“Coach Liz is a warm and open coach who has the requisite training but more importantly, she has tremendous insight into leading her clients to dig deep for the answer they will need to solve their problems and create the necessary change that will improve their lives. I benefited immensely from Coach Liz’s wealth of experience and in depth questioning and resolution strategy. I do not hesitate to recommend Coach Liz as an excellent coach and strategist.”

K. Morrison

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