Coach Andrea Logan

Andrea Logan

International Resume Writer & Virtual Career Services Director

“You’re just a resume away from a different kind of lifestyle.”

Professional Profile

Andrea Logan is a trilingual International Resume Writer and Virtual Career Services Director with over 10+ years of experience in technical, academic, and professional writing for various Executives and Administrators all over the world. She is an expert in Career Procurement and was trained to create military resumes for the government after graduating from the University of Oklahoma in International Business and Portuguese.

She spent a year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she studied Human Resources and learned Portuguese. Andrea utilizes her language talents to perform translation services for her clients that live abroad and need editing and proofing for any of their career or professional documents. She has worked with people from each individual skill and background level to procure more profitable careers in and out of the traditional office space to help transition the community to the Virtual Age.

I work with the best with people who are trying to find work but have been unsuccessful at getting the callbacks or passing interviews in the past. As a Career Procurement Expert, I can see the flaws in job seekers' efforts at getting themselves hired. When I use my own resumes to apply to open remote job vacancies, I typically get about 6-7 callbacks throughout the week to show my audience the tips and tricks that I use to secure positions. I have a deep desire to be the way-shower for those that want to work in their industry and use their crafts to bring them more money so that they can truly start living the life that they were designed to live.

I provide each client that I work with on my Career Island with a Professional Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization as these are the 3 essential career tools needed to procure work accurately and strategically. I develop a customized resume profile that has all the keywords from the specific job vacancy announcement embedded into the content so that it fits the industry, company, and views of the Human Resources Decision-Makers at the desired potential place of employment. I do hard data analytics and research on the company that my clients have an interest in and use my findings to develop a customized career document that has the best possible chance at getting increased callbacks and interviews.

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Personal Note From Andrea

My mission in this life is to decrease the unemployment rate with my resumes and to help the community get hired into careers that they don’t have to escape from. I believe that the reason why so many of the people in this world are lost and unhappy is that they are not doing what they were put on this Earth to do and have no idea how to start utilizing their crafts.

I have been able to curate the life that I want to live by creating my Virtual Career Services business and writing strategic resume profiles that increase the amount and quality of callbacks for myself, my clients, and my followers on social media. Reaching financial freedom and breaking away from trading my time for money has unlocked so many opportunities for me and I now use my platform to help others transition to the 100% work from home lifestyle in the hopes to give them a chance to experience this life in a new way and divulge in the game of life with peace of mind about finances and free time.

Client Feedback

"Andrea Logan exceeded all expectations. She promptly created a resume that accurately represents my short- and long-term goals. Andrea provided great insight on what employers are looking for in candidates and how to approach the job market."

Brian Baxter

"Every writer needs an editor and Andrea is one of the best! This trilingual wordsmith will have your resume glowing. She is dedicated, open to feedback, and genuinely wants to see her clients succeed."

Whitney Helm

"Andrea assisted me with updating my resume. She was attentive in listening to my career accomplishments and career goals. The result was far beyond what I could have ever imagined!"

Bobby Barber

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