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Adina Zinn

Certified Career Coach

Every client has a unique story, and I personalize my coaching accordingly. I will take the stress out of the job search, landing you a “best fit” position with greater efficiency and ease.

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Professional Profile

Adina Zinn is the founder of Love Your Work Career Coaching. Adina offers workshops on Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Networking for Results, and Interviewing with Confidence in the Age of Covid-19.

She has spent over ten years as a successful recruiter in the competitive and sought-after Bay Area job market. As a result, Adina has the hard-to-find insider’s perspective that gives her clients the edge above other candidates. Over the years, She has worked with candidates of all ages and life stages, from almost every industry imaginable. Her caring, smart, and intuitive approach has set up these clients for successful interviews and helped land them promotions and raises.

Adina utilizes a holistic approach to coaching, always respecting and listening to you as a partner in making change.

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Personal Note From Adina

As a career coach, I help my clients find work they love. That’s because a career should feed you financially and spiritually. 

I believe deeply that for every person, there is work that will nourish them. For me, that work is helping you advance professionally. 

When you partner with me, you’ll benefit from my decade of experience as a highly-skilled recruiter. Through the years, I’ve coached hundreds of people seeking employment. I’ve learned exactly which resumes are passed over and which cover letters stand out, and I know how to make the best first impression in an interview. Now, I leverage that expertise to empower my clients in their job hunt. I’ll make sure you’re impossible to overlook.

Client Feedback

“I was changing careers “mid life” and [Adina] helped me re-do my LinkedIn profile, resume, elevator pitch and rethink how I talked about my experience. I was jump starting my career after a pause to raise a family so instead of looking at my skills as outdated, she helped me recognize that my skills and experience are extremely valuable. She had that balance of being supportive yet down home honest. She sets high expectations and you feel motivated to meet them. As a former recruiter, she knows what recruiters are looking for. I’ve successfully re-launched my career thanks to Adina. I highly recommend her!”


“Working with Adina was terrific. She challenged me to think about what I needed to ask and say as I prepared for a job interview, something I haven’t done for almost 10 years. What [Adina] said was spot on as I was fully prepared for the in-person interview. (That is, the questions she asked me and the answers I prepared were what the interviewers asked too!)
I appreciated the thoughtfulness of her approach and was impressed by the obvious knowledge and passion she has for her work. Finally, I’ve known, respected, and worked with Adina for over 20 years and she continues to impress me with her skills.”


“Adina was a huge support in coaching me through a career change. She assisted me three years ago when I was burnt out working retail HR. Although I felt desperate to leave my role at the time, she helped me define what I was looking for. She taught me not to settle for [lesser] opportunities as I would have labeled myself in the long run as being experienced in a space in which I did not find joy. With Adina’s genuine support in helping me navigate the entire process — from the job search through the offer — I ultimately landed an incredible role with my current company. I will forever be grateful for her guidance.”


“As a recent college graduate, I was overwhelmed by the task of finding a job I was excited about. [Adina] gave me concrete steps to take each week, breaking the job search process down into achievable steps.
Adina brings wisdom from years working as a recruiter to her coaching work, [but] I was most empowered by our relationship working together. I could feel that Adina truly cared about me personally, about my success and growth. She would always make time to talk to me, even on short notice. I cannot recommend Adina highly enough!”


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