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Choose Your Mission

Uncover Your True Purpose and Convey Value with Your Amazing Story

Find Your Life's Purpose Today

Founder and CEO Michael Freedman provides an overview of the Choose Your Mission program. (1:53)

Choose Your Mission is an interactive learning experience that blends together independent study and live small group sessions with experienced career coaches to help you uncover your true purpose and convey value with your amazing story.

Program Objectives

If you struggle with defining your life’s purpose and are determined to make a meaningful change in your career, this program is for you. We will guide you to re-write your amazing story and uncover your true gifts so you can live a more purposeful existence and find peace within.

Program Curriculum

  1. Conduct a Self-Assessment
    We will guide you to evaluate your skillset, reflect on your current situation, detect the inflection points of your career, develop a new perspective, and reposition yourself to live a more rewarding life.
  2. Storytelling for Professional Success
    A powerful story that clearly conveys your value, drive and intentions will turn you into an unforgettable asset. We will guide you to capture the six essential elements that will build the foundation of a value-based story and turn you into a highly sought-after resource.
  3. Choose Your Mission
    We will use a decision-making model based on Aristotle’s modes of persuasion to help you unveil your life’s calling. We will take you through a process based on reflection, research, review, and decision so you can bring your whole self to your work while enlivening your life with purpose.
  4. Define and Set Your Goals
    We will help you effectively identify, create, and manage your goals so that they are in line with your mission and so you can experience success and a sense of accomplishment. Goal setting promotes long-term vision and creates focus on intention, desire, and acquisition of knowledge and is essential to any great accomplishment.

Program Topics

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Program Structure

This program may be completed on a two or four week schedule.

Self-Paced Learning
Four online courses consisting of up to 8 hours of independent study - based on student choices. Class materials involve a combination of video, reading, journaling, and online discussions.

Live Small Group Sessions
Four sessions of small group work that consists of up to 6 hours with an experienced coach. Live sessions occur on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays at 9am, 3pm, and 4pm PST.

One-on-One Coaching
Two thirty-minute sessions one at intake to meet the coach and clarify your goals, and one at the end to assess your progress and set new goals.

Choose Your Own Mission Today

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