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The Career Storybook Community is our starting place for career and professional development courses, workshops, and success groups. Our programs are best with the support of a professional coach or mentor, in the company of your peers.

Start with our free member level and complete the Write Your Own Story series of micro-courses. This series covers the basic groundwork for your next job hunt. These are short, powerful, action-oriented courses. They will work if you do the work.

Our paid membership adds the opportunity to form peer support groups, attend open office hours and short topical programs. Paid members receive 10% on all our programs and groups.

Our best experience happens when you join a group or take a live class. Real growth happens with the guidance of a trusted coach and with the support of a community. Start in the community, do some work, get to know each other, and help us help you.

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Career Storybook Community
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Why join the Career Storybook Community?

Career Storybook programs help you develop knowledge about who you are, how you work best, and what you are good at. Our goal is to support your transformation to increased clarity and confidence in your career.

The Career Storybook Network provides online communities, live support and professional development groups, and instructional programs that give you the guidance and support for diving deep and gaining clarity.

1. Self Awareness

The community provides resources that help you identify your strengths, interests, talents, skills, and experiences. This knowledge provides you with a clear sense of your value in the marketplace, that you can use with specific evidence for prospective employers.

2. Individualized Career Plan

The Community provides programs that help you map out plans to grow as a professional and expand your options. Career alignment helps you rise above the rat race by uncovering your true calling. The right career path helps you protect and increase your income earning potential.

3. Increased Confidence

The Community provides an ongoing, group-based community of support and encouragement as you develop your professional career. With a group of peers and coaches that support you and hold you accountable, you'll build the confidence you need to tackle the next step in your career journey.

4. More Beneficial Relationships

The Community provides opportunities for you to connect with experienced professionals, career coaches, and fellow peers in your industries. The knowledge and insights from these resources can be invaluable as you navigate the waters of your next career steps.

5. Better Professional Presentation

The Community provides resources that help you present your knowledge, skills, and abilities to prospective employers. Mentors and Coaches will guide you through current best practices for resumes, interviews, applications, and key surveys to help you effectively market yourself.

Becoming a member of the Career Storybook Community costs nothing and provides you with the ability to realize some of the benefits mentioned above. Register for a free account today to continue the next step in your career journey.

Become a part of the Career Storybook Network for free!

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