Career Mastermind Groups

With your plan and your support team, you are positioned to succeed. Now that you have a plan, it’s time to make it happen. Your job hunt takes persistence. The support of a trained coach and your peers is how you achieve your goal.

These programs are ongoing monthly subscriptions.
Your choice of coach is critical - it's the relationship that matters. Feel free to contact the coaches directly.

Key Benefits of Career Mastermind Groups

  • Weekly guidance of a professional mentor who knows your business.
  • Personal accountability to keep you on track and sustain your progress.
  • Creative support and networking with peers in your field.

Mentored by Kathy Parks
ICF Certified Coach


Live Tuesdays 12-1pm PST

Take advantage of your business knowledge and leadership skills, dust off your resume and get updated information on how a job search is conducted these days. Receive insights, tips and ongoing support in all areas for success at the next level.

Mentored by Kathy Parks
ICF Certified Coach


Live Tuesdays 8-9am PST

Job hunting in this market can be a difficult challenge. You will need the help and support of a coach experienced in working with nonprofits as well as your peers actively supporting you to get your next position. We will take a look at the unique aspects of the nonprofit profession and review all aspects of the job search.

Mentored by Kathy Parks
ICF Certified Coach


Live Thursdays 12-1pm PST

You have unique skills that can be an asset in your job search. You will have the support of a professional sales leader and your peers to help you use those sales abilities to help get your name to the top of the hiring list.

Mentored by Andrea Logan
Remote Work Specialist


Live Thursdays 6-7pm PST

This group is for professionals that are ready for the 100% remote work lifestyle. I train clients on how to procure work from home careers in their industries that are completely independent of the traditional physical office.

Mentored by Mark Crouter
Professional Certified Coach


Live Wednesdays 2-3pm PST

This group is for professionals in public service (government, military, education, or non-profit organizations) who wants to improve their ability to develop professional connections that will open new opportunities now or in the future.

Mentored by Trish McGrath
Career Transition Coach


Live Tuesdays 2:30-3:30pm PST

We will discuss employers’ underlying concerns regarding seasoned workers and how to reduce ageism’s negative impact on your career. You will learn steps you can take to make your resume and interview performance age-neutral and how to confidently convey the value you offer an organization.

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