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by Kristina Bennett,

As an entrepreneur, I practice these strategies regularly as I reach out to potential clients, and I help my clients leverage them to transition into meaningful jobs they love.

The first key to successfully selling yourself in a job search is maintaining confidence and communicating that confidence when networking or talking with employers. One valuable tool I help my clients develop is positioning statements. What are positioning statements?

positioning statement is an expression of how a given product, service or brand fills a particular consumer need in a way that its competitors don’t. When it comes to personal positioning statements, the idea is the same…What makes you unique? What experiences and accomplishments show your character and what you bring to the table? This article in Forbes, Start Your New Year Right: Develop Your Personal Brand, goes into more detail about how you can begin to develop your own positioning statements. Forbes, Community Voice, 1/26/2018

Another aspect of maintaining and communicating confidence is managing those internal voices of self doubt and self sabotage, which I spoke to in some depth in a previous business newsletter.

The second key to successfully selling yourself in a job search is creating a clear and cohesive career narrative throughout your verbal and written job search tools. Your resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, elevator speech, and the way you interview should all convey a story that makes sense and most importantly has a big impact on potential employers. Paint a crystal clear picture for them as to what you have to offer, why you are a great fit for them, and why they should definitely hire you. Don’t make them guess! Lead them down the path and make it easy to say yes.

* Hint: Before you can do this, you need to be crystal clear on all these things yourself! as well as on your long-term objective. This is an area of expertise and passion for me; it’s fun to support clients in exploring, researching, reflecting, and developing this clear narrative.

A third and final key to successfully selling yourself in a job search is tapping into the hidden job market. Whatever you do, don’t simply rely on well-known job boards to find and apply for jobs. You may luck out and find a great job that way, but since 60% of available jobs are never listed on job boards, if you rely only on this method, you are missing out on a vast number of possible jobs!

So how do you access this hidden job market? I’ll share a few ways I know are effective:

  1. Reach out directly to employers through company websites or social media.
  2. Attend local networking groups and Meetups appropriate to your industry (and have your elevator speech and positioning statements on the ready).
  3. Directly request contacts and leads through your circle of connections. Everyone knows a circle of people. When you reach out to your family, friends, and colleagues, you gain access to their circle, as well.

Find more tips on tapping the hidden job market in this online article, What is the Hidden Job Market. The Balance Careers, 1/11/2018

A last little tip: Use your strengths as an Introvert or Extrovert and don’t burn out by going against your nature when transitioning careers or searching for a job!

As I have mentioned in past newsletters, my passion is helping talented professionals who have outgrown their jobs – and may be feeling frustrated and disconnected from their greatest gifts – to recognize and focus these gifts in a rewarding career that feels like play and makes a huge difference in the world.

I have space right now for a few more new clients, If you or someone you know would benefit from experienced career guidance, please let me know right away. I’m here to help you exceed your expectations.

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