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Career Storybook leverages the power of groups for support and accountability

Northern California, Aug. 24, 2020 — At first glance, a seasoned female CEO, a recent college graduate, traveling sales executive and non-profit director have little in common. What they share, however, along with millions of others across the country, is a profound loss in career direction as the impact of Covid-19 continues to unfold, shuttering businesses, disrupting industries, and displacing employees. Many people cannot or won’t return to their prior careers, especially those whose current jobs offer little to no opportunity for growth or a medical safety net. To support those in early and mid-career Career Storybook announces the launch of a new, affordable program and platform offering coaching, community, guidance, and advocacy for well-being and a healthy workforce.

With a holistic approach to coaching, Career Storybook helps its clients align who they are with the work they do. By acting in harmony with their best selves, clients successfully seek work that is personally and socially meaningful. Working under one platform, professional coaches and counselors offer their unique skills and career expertise to small groups. They also foster relationship building, a supportive environment and mutual accountability for the members of the group.

At the average hourly cost of $200, coaching is typically only accessible to well-heeled mid-career and C-level professionals. Career Storybook programs are a fraction of these rates, bringing the benefits of coaching “down market” where people can benefit while in school or earlier in their career. Ensuring the platform addresses those with financial hardships, coaches can offer additional discounts, or recommend a newly developed scholarship program, partnering Career Storybook with Sacramento’s Impact Foundry and Grant Management Associates.

“We’re helping people to invest in themselves and by doing so, transform their own lives.” says Michael Freedman, program Director, adding, “Ultimately, a healthy, empowered workforce, clear on the values they bring, is good for the economy. Coaching benefits all stakeholders by developing a more engaged and motivated workforce, more efficient and effective organizations, and as a result, increased profitability.”

Career Storybook is a project of Practical Academics which builds and operates group-based online learning experiences that transform people’s lives.

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