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Coaching is a worthy calling, but it’s a crowded field. It takes time and effort to attract clients who can afford private coaching, and continuous time and effort to replace clients where you successfully place them in their next position.

We are your full service provider of services and tools to support the success of your professional coaching practice.

“Career Storybook uses a group-based model which helps me serve more clients, leverage peer support and accountability, and have more impact. I set my prices and hours, and keep title my own intellectual property. Since work on a shared revenue basis, I know the team is on my side”

– Jennifer

Design and Delivery

We offer program design and delivery programs using an online group-based model that keeps costs low and engagement high.


Practical Academics does the marketing to attract clients so you can focus on your clients and programs.


We provide the website and Learning Management system to provide your clients with the best possible online learning experience.

Michael Freedman, M.A.

Michael Freedman is the founder and CEO of Practical Academics, which operates Career Storybook. Michael’s background is in business operations, education, technology implementation and support, and business development. He has served high-end individual clients in financial market data and telecommunications industries, danced with senior managment in high tech, and wrestled with the toughest clients: high school kids.

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Become a part of a collaborative profesional development community: the Instructional Artists Collective.  Change lives!

Flip the Crisis
Flip the Crisis

“Everything does need to change,” Marilyn agreed with him, “including ourselves. The person you were one month ago is not equipped to deal with this crisis. Each of you needs to grow into a better version of who you are. The difference between who you are and who you have the potential to become has never been more important than it is in this moment.”

What’s Holding You Back?
What’s Holding You Back?

By Adina Zinn Does fear hold you back from reaching your full potential? I recently stumbled upon a list I had made about a year and a half ago. It was simply entitled “Fears” and on it were 9 things that scared me about quitting my recruiting job and starting my...