Ashley Owen Santangelo

Ashley Owen Santangelo

Ashley Owen Santangelo

Career Coach, Evolve Services

Ashley Owen Santangelo is a designer and mentor in the Career Storybook division of Practical Academics. She designs and teaches two courses, Onward with Insight: Using Personality & Interest Assessments to Maximize Your Next Career Move and

Onward with Insight: Using Personality & Interest Assessments to Maximize Your Next Career Move helps young adults make career and job search choices that are most strongly in alignment with their personality and interests, leaving them with concrete branding & interview strategies to use in their job searching process.

Academic and Professional Background

Ashley Owen Santangelo is a social worker, coach, trainer, author and community organizer. She excels at facilitating workshops, public speaking, engaging communities and helping individuals turn their desires into actions. 

She received her Bachelor of Arts in English from State University of New York of New Paltz in 2006 and her Master of Social Work from Hunter College in 2012.

She currently holds a day job as a Team Leader in the non-profit sector and devotes the rest of her time to managing her coaching practice, Evolve Services.

Ashley’s professional and academic interests include understanding diverse teams and learning styles, coaching individuals through periods of change, educating groups about important social issues and working with systems & communities to advocate for social & economic justice.

She recently published the e-book Extra Cash with Extra Confidence: How to Use Personality and Interest Assessments to Find a Side Hustle That Doesn’t Crush Your Soul .

Personal Profile

Ashley was born in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York, NY and was raised in the NYC suburb of Paramus, NJ.  As a child and adolescent, she had academic and social difficulties in school and found her voice in less conventional settings such as youth conferences at the Unitarian Church she attended or open mic nights at quiet cafes. She always thought she wanted to be a writer and initially studied English with a concentration in Creative Writing. While writing remained a passion for her, she began to realize that jobs in the creative industries were quite competitive and that she would need to have a backup plan. It was around this time that she sought help from a therapist to treat an eating disorder and started working part time at a runaway and homeless youth shelter. Feeling inspired by both her work with the teenagers at the shelter, and her help with the psychotherapist in treatment, Ashley decided to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work.

Ashley started her career on a clinical track but shifted her focus more toward program management and community organizing about four years into her career. During this time, Ashley sought her own guidance from a career coach and this experience inspired her to also obtain a career coaching certificate and start her own coaching practice. 

Ashley’s Myers Briggs Personality Type is Introvert (I), INtuitive (N), Feeling (F), Perceiving (P). Her DISC work style is Influencing (I)/Supportive (S).

Her preferred work style is a combination between collaborative and individual work. When facilitating groups, she encourages active participation and reflection from group participants. When providing coaching, she does not make decisions for her clients. She asks guiding questions that will help clients and program participants use the information that she shares with them to make such decisions by themselves. She enjoys empowering people with knowledge and perspectives that they may not have otherwise had. She tends to work best with people who are critical thinkers, people who are not afraid to ask questions and comfortable with sharing insight and reflections with other group participants.

Cultural Perspectives

Social and economic justice are important to Ashley. Ashley understands how factors such as race, gender, class, sexual orientation, citizenship status and health status have shaped our institutions and created power structures and social norms that result in the ladder to success having many more rungs on it for some people than others.

One of the reasons that career coaching is so satisfying to Ashley is because it draws upon helping people identify and articulate their unique strengths. Our society and our schools tend to reward certain kinds of learning and behavioral styles and disregard others. As someone who experienced this first hand, Ashley is committed to learning about the characteristics and preferences of each individual she works and helping clients and students leverage that information to make positive changes in their career.

Ashley is most passionate about serving women and young adults. Her inspiration for working with both of these populations comes from personal experience. As a professional woman, Ashley has experienced many of the burdens that are unique to women in the workplace and can relate well to women in the “helping professions” who find themselves depleted because of their work. As someone who was once a young person who was confused about her professional place in the world, Ashley relates well to young people who feel like they need additional self-exploration before making decisions related to career choices.

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