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About Career Storybook Academy

Empowering You to Build Your Best Life

The Career Storybook Academy mission is to change the game of learning by educating, empowering, and engaging people in their personal, professional, and civic lives.

Our programs are designed to help mid-career professionals who strive to have more social impact, reduce career dissatisfaction, and improve career alignment for a more meaningful and purposeful life.

The Academy incites growth from both a personal and professional perspective. From self-discovery to career-coaching to confidence and life fulfillment, you will grow your impact in the world with a clear roadmap to change within a highly engaging model.

Founder and CEO Michael Freedman provides an overview of the Life Champion program. (1:15)

Why Choose the Career Storybook Academy?

The Career StoryBook Academy is a modern institution of learning for mid-career professionals dedicated to living a more fulfilled life by eliminating career dissatisfaction and optimizing their life/career alignment.

Unlike other self-paced DIY career development programs, the Career StoryBook Academy specializes in advanced self-discovery techniques and is built on a relationship-based model. We identify your unique talents and connect you with coaches and peer support groups that will guide you in designing the life you’ve always wanted. You will experience both personal and professional growth and gain the confidence to grow your impact in the world with a clear roadmap to change.

Start reducing pain and suffering that have dragged you down for too long. Lessen feelings of depression, feel safer and calmer and get unstuck to unleash the purposeful life you’ve been searching for.

The Career Storybook Academy Promise to You

Years ago, I struggled with my life as I was searching for a way to build purpose and impact my community in a more meaningful way. This is why I created the Career Storybook Academy, to provide others with the tools to initiate change and build the life they have always dreamt of.

While it seems like a large task, it can be done with the right plan, with qualified support and with the motivation brought by a dedicated community that truly cares about you.

A lot of us have no more time to waste. We want to go after our dreams, cater to our aspirations and live a more meaningful life while serving those we care about. We also want to leave the right legacy so that when it’s time to go, we can tell ourselves “I don’t regret anything. I went after my dreams”.

If this is you, join other LIFE CHAMPIONS who have made the same commitment to live a better life, one that answers their longing and synchs in with their heart and soul. My goal is to make yours come true so that I can impact our world positively and inspire others to do the same.

What are Life Champions?

Life Champions represent the Career Storybook Academy’s elite group of people who have dedicated their efforts to having a bigger social impact and to living a more purposeful life. These high achievers embrace change and have the courage to act and grow. They risk to try and trust to take risks. They are committed to identify the source of their suffering, uncover their true purpose, and live a more balanced and rewarding life.

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