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Establish a strong digital presence so you can impress those that matter.

Communicate with Confidence

Introduce yourself with strength and leave the right impresssion.

Founder and CEO Michael Freedman provides an overview of the Choose Your Mission program. (1:15)

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An interactive learning experience that will help you get all the tools you need to initiate real change and go after the life you’ve always wanted. From clarifying your true life’s purpose to becoming the most efficient job seeker, you will create a powerful roadmap to building your freedom, finding peace, and feeling the motivation and fulfillment you could only dream of.

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Why choose the Career Storybook Academy?

The Career StoryBook Academy is a modern institution of learning for mid-career professionals dedicated to living a more fulfilled life by eliminating career dissatisfaction and optimizing their life/career alignment.

The Career Storybook Academy promise to you.

Years ago, I struggled with my life as I was searching for a way to build purpose and impact my community in a more meaningful way. This is why I created the Career Storybook Academy, to provide others with the tools to initiate change and build the life they have always dreamt of.

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Career Storybook

  • Organizational Learning
    The Career Storybook Academy’s unifying goal is to increase participant engagement. After all, only engaged participants learn and grow. We do this with the power of interactive learning experiences and […]
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