We are living in extraordinary times. Instead of a just an ordinary job, why not live an extraordinary life?

Career Storybook is a community of job hunters supported coaches, counselors, and specialists who have come together to support the recently unemployed, the underemployed, those transitioning careers, and retirees seeking encore careers.

Heroes have mentors.  We are bringing professional career coaching “down market” to help our clients get aligned in their careers, focused in the searches, and supported in their efforts.

Find a group, take a class, discover a mentor.

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A career is more than a job: it’s a conscious plan based on your goals that takes time to develop. It’s how you identify and own your value, bring it to the marketplace so that you can rise up and live a fulfilling life.

Career Development is hard. Especially now. You need help and support. The Career Storybook Community is your starting point.

Follow Kim, John, Jules, and Max as they come to grips with their new lives as they Flip the Crisis!

This is a low-cost membership community of job hunters and career changers who get centered, explore options, and form peer groups for mutual support.

From there, you can take classes, workshops, and join support groups led by professional career coaches, counselors, and experts.

This community is a place to get engaged and supported in your job search.  Members can apply to be group leaders for free membership.

First Month For $1!

Career Development Classes

Our Career Development programs provide the best of online learning: self-paced content available anytime and anywhere, and real-time video meetings with professional mentors and peers. Learning is about relationships!


Career Support Groups

These are professionally moderator support groups offering two primary benefits: significantly lower costs than one-on-one coaching, and the creativity and accountability of peer support.

“If you want to go fast, travel alone, if you want to go far, travel together.”

Sustaining a job hunt in this market will be critical.  Find a group, give and get support.


Meet Our Mentors

Learning and progress are all about finding the right relationships.

Our mentors range from top tier professional career coaches who have established practices serving senior leaders, to school counselors looking to help the community, to subject matter experts and experienced entrepreneurs. Together, our team offers expertise in critical career development and job-hunting skills.


educate. empower. engage.

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