Get Aligned
Career Storybook

Develop a career and life plan based on your personal strengths, values an interests.

Stay engaged
The Third Stage

Childhood. Adulthood. Elderhood.
Realign yourself for the third stage of your career and make your contribution.

"Risk is the tariff paid to leave the shores of predictable misery." - John Foley
Entrepreneurship Workshop

It starts with a rant, and ends with impact. Take your shot at creating value in the marketplace.

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Purpose + Mastery = Autonomy

Career alignment is all about finding the right fit between your best self and market opportunities. We help you know and build on your strengths and interests, then develop and pursue your goals and interests. Careers are stories that unfold over time with the support of peers and mentors. No one makes it on their own, but only we can lead for ourselves.


Our programs develop you as a person, professional, or effective citizen while meeting your goals and interests. This is meaningful learning experiences, and what is meaningful is motivating.


Mutual accountability drives creativity, problem-solving and productivity. Mentors guide while your group sustains your attitude and altitude.


We use the best of both mediums: Online programs provide you the flexibility of time and place while saving travel time and costs. Face-to-face or video meetings permit complex conversations, rewarding activities, and relationship development.


Learning should be a positive learning experience. We use a variety of strategies to keep you engaged and practice your skills: Problem-based projects, role plays, case studies, gamification, and fictionalization.

Engagement means you will have a more positive learning experience, with a more long-lasting impact. Our programs are self-directed with weekly real-time meetings. We use interactive strategies in mentored small groups that meet your personal learning goals. If you’re not engaged, then you’re not learning or growing.


educate. empower. engage.