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What is Career Storybook?

Career Storybook is your home for career and professional development courses, workshops, and success groups.

Start with our free membership and complete the Write Your Own Story series of micro-courses. This series covers the basic groundwork for your next job hunt. These are short, powerful, action-oriented courses. Jump on in and do the work!

Your paid membership adds the opportunity to form peer support groups, attend open office hours and short topical programs.

The best experience is when you join a group or take a live class. Real growth happens with the guidance of a trusted coach and with the support of a community. Start in the community, do some work, get to know each other, and help us help you.

Why choose Career Storybook?

You will have fun and grow.
Our highly interactive programs are engaging, fun and easy to use.

You don’t have to do it all alone.
Work with groups and one-to-one to build crucial relationships.

You get a personal experience.
Build a long-term plan that meets your unique personality and needs.

Become a member today!

Career Mastermind Groups

Coaching Perspectives

  • Networking for Better Job Search Results
    Some people love to network, others do not.  And especially now in the time of Covid, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, people are worried that it might not […]
  • 10 Point Job Search Checklist
    Well, here we are a year into the pandemic, and unfortunately no end in sight! While it has been a tough time for all, my heart especially goes out to […]
  • Storytelling: The Foundation of Your Portfolio
    by Mark Crouter, PCC, Certified Strengths Coach We all have stories to tell about our experiences--stories of success, disappointment, resilience, learning, and growth--and these stories can be powerful ways to […]

Success Stories

  • Carlos’ Dream Is Right Where He Is
    The Starting Place Carlos was a seasonal ski instructor and a part-time bartender living in a local ski area. He divided his typical day into two shifts: Teaching ski lessons […]
  • From Entry Level to a Career
    I have always worked hard and, since I was 17 years old, have always been employed. I've kept my family fed and clothed. I've managed to find a little extra […]
  • Hailey Gets a Fabulous Microbiology Job Offer in Just One Month
    by Adina Zinn, Founder of Love Your Work Career Coaching Introduction Hailey was finishing up her degree in Microbiology at UC Berkeley when she reached out to me. Her long-range […]

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